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Spectralink 7480 Handset

Spectralink 7480 Handset. KIRK 4080 Handset

Previously known as KIRK 4080 Handset

Ultimate handset for hazardous environments, built for long-term dependability

The Spectralink 7480 Handset is the ultimate handset for environments with potentially explosive conditions and is built for long-term dependability in harsh environments. A robust, well-designed and full feature handset, it meets the demands for easy mobility. The Spectralink 7480 Handset is ideal for potentially explosive work environments, such as oil, gas and chemical production as well as dust-filled environments within the wood-processing, ingredients and food industries.

Important notes

In order for the handset to comply with the IEC certification only approved accessories can be used:

  • If the handset is used in a hazardous area where the relative humidity is below 60% or the user wears clothes that could cause electrostatic charging the handset must be used with the approved leather pouch.
  • The handset must be charged outside hazardous areas and only with the dedicated charger.
  • For hands free operation only use the approved headset.
  • For more information, please refer to the Spectralink 74-Series Accessory Overview.

Features and Benefits

  • ATEX and IEC approved according to European and international standards
  • Large alphanumeric, back-lit display
  • Volume control and LED indication of incoming and unanswered calls
  • Alarm key
  • Headset jack
  • IP64 classified (dust tight and water splash proof)

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