DECT Handsets

Built for demanding users with a focus on usability, functionality, design and quality, the Spectralink 7000 Portfolio Handsets consist of a wide range of reliable and durable handsets for use in general office applications to intrinsically safe environments. Additionally, the handsets support integration with third-party applications to maximize their performance in manufacturing and healthcare environments. All Spectralink 7000 Portfolio Handsets are interoperable, thus a single Spectralink 7000 Portfolio solution can consist of a mix of all DECT handsets.

Spectralink Butterfly Series

DECT Spectralink Butterfly Series. KIRK Butterfly Handset Series

Stylish design and usability
with excellent voice quality

Spectralink 7740 Handset

Spectralink 7740 Handset. KIRK 7040 Handset

Ultimate application-enabled
handset for healthcare and
personal safety

Spectralink 7720 Handset

Spectralink 7720 Handset. KIRK 7020 Handset

Professional application-enabled handset for healthcare

Spectralink 7710 Handset

Spectralink 7710 Handset. KIRK 7010 Handset

Ruggedized, application-enabled handset for healthcare and nursing homes.

Spectralink 7640 Handset

Spectralink 7640 Handset. KIRK 6040 Handset

Ultimate application-enabled handset for manufacturing and personal safety

Spectralink 7620 Handset

Spectralink 7620 Handset. KIRK 6020 Handset

Durable, application-enabled handset for manufacturing

Spectralink 7540 Handset

Spectralink 7540 Handset. KIRK 5040 Handset

Elegant Bluetooth handset for mobile workers in administrative environments

Spectralink 7520 Handset

Spectralink 7520 Handset. KIRK 5020 Handset

Elegant handset for mobile workers in administrative environments

Spectralink 7480 Handset

Spectralink 7480 Handset. KIRK 4080 Handset

Ultimate handset for hazardous environments, built for long-term dependability

Spectralink 7440 Handset

Spectralink 7440 Handset. KIRK 4040 Handset

Robust, full-featured handset and IP54 classified handset

Spectralink 7420 Handset

Spectralink 7420 Handset. KIRK 4020 Handset

Robust, well-designed and competitively priced handset

7000 Site Survey Handset

Spectralink 7000 Site Survey Handset. KIRK Site Survey Handset

An indispensable professional tool for the technician

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