Bringing the power of digital radio to every organization, RediTALK does the hard work for you by combining a range of differing technologies into one simple to use IP console.

Do you find most modern dispatch consoles complex and confusing?

RediTALK has been designed to be simple to install and use. No matter what the protocol, tasks are carried out in the same way. Furthermore, the screen can be customized to include as little or as much information as required.

Are you looking to Migrate from Analog to Digital?

As RediTALK can manage multiple protocols, it can support migration to digital across the period of time you decide. All whilst ensuring continuity of service and existing functionality.

Does RediTALK Support the Protocol of your Radio?

RediTALK supports a growing number of Digital Protocols, both Conventional and Trunked. This includes but is not limited to P25, DMR, dPMR, MotoTRBO, NXDN and iDAS.

Future proof your network by making sure you always have the choice to change and grow!

Are other Dispatch Consoles too Expensive for your Needs?

RediTALK has been designed for small to medium organizations, ensuring that you get the same benefits the big guys get but without the price tag.

Do you need Help to Ensure your Console and Radio Network will suit your Future Needs?

Omnitronics has a dedicated team of engineering and technical sales staff that pride themselves on the level of customer service we offer.

Does RediTALK support Digital Functionality?

RediTALK includes a range of digital functions such as Location Services/GPS, Text Messaging, Individual Calling, Group Calling and more. Omnitronics has worked directly with radio manufacturers, integrators & end users to ensure that demands for functionality are met.

How does RediTALK connect to Radio Networks?

RediTALK is built on our Radio over IP (RoIP) infrastructure, meaning it connects directly to the IP network. Radios are then connected to the IP network using either the DRG100 for Digital Radios and IPR gateways for Analog.

Are you looking for a “mobile” solution?

RediTALK Air is a tablet based version of RediTALK designed for single channels or talk groups. It extends dispatch beyond the operators station and also into the hands of supervisors and managers.

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