The 960H series of communications handsets remains one of OMNITRONICS largest selling products. High reliability, contemporary styling, ease of use and simple installation, are the hallmark of this robust design.

960HC/HS Communications HandsetsConnection to landlines or other equipment is possible using the OMNITRONICS 900 series communications peripherals. (See the reverse of this brochure for application details.) The 960HC is the basic unit and comes with in-built speaker, conference microphone, intercom facility, power/busy LED and is desk or wall mountable.

The 960HS includes a keypad for selcal encoding, a 3 digit ANI plus STATUS decode facility. A queue of 4 calls can be recalled by scrolling the display. Configuration of the 960HS is easy using the CP960 software supplied free with each unit.

960HC features:

  • Compatible with the OMNITRONICS range of 900 series interface units for connection to landlines, transceivers or the OMNITRONICS 950 radio management system.
  • Robust time proven design.
  • Compatible with “Base Busy” feature available with 900 series interface units.
  • Cross-muting to other handsets on the system.
  • External speaker connection available, (1watt).
  • Conference microphone with PTT switch on the cradle.
  • Individual trim pots for setting up earphone, handset microphone and conference microphone.

960HS SELCAL/ANI features:

  • Encodes/decodes tone sequences from 4 to 8 tones, only the last four digits are entered via the keyboard.
  • Operates with most tone formats.
  • Encodes/decodes all standard tone periods down to 20mS.
  • STATUS digits and GROUP calling is available.
  • Alert tone to indicate incoming SELCAL.
  • Up to four calls can be stored in the QUEUE with LED indication of QUEUE status and audible warning of full registers.
  • Free CP960 applications program for configuring the SELCAL/ANI functions. Programming cables are provided on request at no charge.

CP960 programmer:

  • COM port connection from PC to 960HS with special cable.
  • Designed to run on MS Windows XP and Vista.
  • All parameters are saved to a non-volatile EEPROM in the handset, i.e. all parameters are saved in the case of a power failure.

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