The release of the 960CC and 960CSD consoles continues OMNITRONICS long tradition of providing reliable and easy to operate communication peripherals.

960CC and 960CSDWhile the “CC” version gives the operator all the basic functions, the “CSD” offers for the first time, SELCAL, ANI and DTMF facilities in a single package. Both units have built-in speaker, mic, VU meter and connections for headset, desk mic and footswitch.

The 960 CSD is the most versatile console yet produced by the OMNITRONICS deign team. All signalling details are displayed on a two-line sixteencharacter backlit display. Configuration of all functions and parameters is done with a simple-to-use MS Windows program via a standard “COM” port. Time stamped computer logging of all transactions is included with the configuration software.

960CC features:

  • Fully compatible with the 900 series range of OMNITRONICS peripheral interfaces.
  • Large in-built speaker, microphone and LED VU meter. Provision for external desk microphone, headset and footswitch. (These optional items are available from OMNITRONICS.)
  • Individual preset level controls for desk mic, headset mic, headset volume and SELCAL TX level.
  • Intercom facility.
  • Mute control to enable/disable the loudspeaker when headset is in use.

960CSD SELCAL/ANI features:

  • Tone sequences from 4-8 tones. Encode/decode most tone sequences and tone periods down to 20 mS.
  • STATUS entry and recognition including 2 tone period gaps.
  • Standard command tones such as EMERGENCY, STATUS and GROUP.
  • Extended GROUP tone format with 3 tone periods.
  • Automatic retries and acknowledgment.
  • ANI queue 10 calls deep.
  • Queue mask, view only required ANI digits.
  • Manual or automatic mute controls.
  • Time stamped logging of incoming/outgoing calls and parameter changes.

960CSD DTMF features:

  • Generates “standard” DTMF tones for radio channel change or equipment control.
  • Directly compatible with the OMNITRONICS “970DD” channel change decoder.
  • Channel query, reset and “change-to-previous-channel” commands.
  • Other features of the 960CSD: 12/24 hour clock with time and date set from the front panel.
  • Lead-in/lead-out timers.
  • Selectable LED sequences and tone melodies to notify the operators of all events.

CP960 programmer:

  • Connection to 960CSD via computer COM port.
  • Cable provided.
  • Designed to run on MS Windows 9x, NT and XP (home and professional).
  • All parameters are configurable from the programmer.
  • All parameters are saved to a non-volatile EEPROM in the console, i.e. information retained in the event of power failure.
  • CP960 program provided with each console with free updates on our website.

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