In effect this creates distributed audio bridges and dispatch systems that can be controlled from remote locations in real time. Omnitronics has carefully combined SIP with other technologies that have been specifically tailored for Land Mobile Radio. This includes RTP/RTCP and our proprietary digital audio conferencing technology. Together, these enable VoIP connections to remote radios to be established and managed.

920FR and 925FR Remote Interfaces

920FR and 925FR Remote Interfaces

The combination of the 920FR and 925FR allow two-way radios to be controlled over a leased line from OMNITRONICS 960 series handsets and/ or consoles. These units are “A-tick” compliant and use tone keying for PTT control. A choice of keying frequencies is available. Up to three handsets or consoles can plug directly in to the 920FR which in turn connects to the leased line. A single plug-pack powers the 920FR, including the connected handsets and/or consoles. The 925FR interfaces the radio to the other end of the leased line.

An optional “Base Busy” sub-audible encoder/decoder combination can be fitted to give the operator an indication of the radio status. These modules are the 925E encoder and the 920B decoder and fit inside the appropriate interface box.Automatic level controls on both transmit and receive make setting up systems very simple.

920D/NA and 925D/NA Remote Interfaces

These interfaces perform the same functions as the “FR” versions, however they use DC keying for PTT and are NOT APPROVED for connection to telecom lines. They are suitable for private networks that require control of two-way radios from the OMNITRONICS range of handsets and consoles.

935 Local Radio Interface

The 935 Local Radio Interface allows direct connection of the 960 family of peripherals to a base station transceiver. This unit covers communications applications where the operators are within 100 metres of the radio equipment. Up to three handsets or consoles can plug directly into the 935 with power derived from the radio.

936 Multi Purpose Interface

The 936 is similar to the 935, however it has an additional port for connection to 4 wire devices with E & M signalling. This arrangement allows a number of additional interfacing options including direct connection of 960 peripherals, (handsets and consoles), to the OMNITRONICS 619 audio bridge or to radio link equipment using 4 wire audio and E & M control lines. By using the 925/ radio port and a 925FR, leased lines can be connected to the 619 audio bridge to become part of a larger radio system.

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