If your school or educational institution is considering eLearning or has implemented eLearning but does not have the “right Wi-Fi” and needs an enterprise, carrier grade Wi-Fi solution that is

  • flexible, semi-mobile, easy to use, quick to set up and connect to its existing IT network
  • expandable and upgradable to a permanent full site deployment over time
  • safe, secure, super fast reliable while at the same time accommodating many simultaneous users
  • competitive and affordable entry to market pricing

then the EdUCation Station is your answer.

Your school or educational institution could realise the right Wi-Fi solution without “breaking the bank” or over spending on limited budget resource.

Introducing the EdUCation Station

Minimum recommended infrastructure requirements and what is possible with the Education Station (depends on the existing network infrastructure at the educational site). The below options are simple to connect, non-intrusive and provide any site with access to smart, enterprise Wi-Fi.

Option 1

Internet and network point in the office/admin only but no network cabling and network points to classrooms.

Education station can be used here to provide Wi-Fi to 3, 6 or more adjacent classrooms with:

  • Extended secure internet access for educators over Wi-Fi if the distance from the internet gateway is reasonable.
  • With multiple AP Education stations the mesh feature can be used to instantly connect various locations - wirelessly.

Option 2

Some cabling and network points between classrooms and a central location, e.g. server or the Internet Gateway / DSL modem.

  • Make use of existing cabling.
  • Educators are able to “rotate” the use of Wi-Fi on the site, by simply plugging the AP into this existing cabling in the classroom.
  • The Wi-Fi will be instantly available with Internet connectivity & can be provided to multiple classrooms simultaneously enabling access to resources that were previously available via the cabling.

Option 3

Cabling & network points to all classrooms and a central server location or network backbone:

As with all the other options, this allows a semi-permanent installation on a simple basis, but allows the flexibility of rotating / using enterprise high density Wi-Fi wherever it is required on site.

Furthermore ...

All options allow available tablets to actually be used immediately, even for sites still identifying / considering solutions for their e-Learning implementation.

The key benefit in all the scenarios noted above, is that it is possible to take the first steps to having true enterprise Wi-Fi, which can be made accessible to the entire school as funds become available, ensuring that that “not a cent is wasted”.

UC-Wireless guarantees the coverage for adjacent classrooms where the appropriate size Education Station is purchased. A guaranteed buy-back upgrade to a larger controller is also offered as and when this may be required.

The solutions are all offered inclusive of the 1st year’s remote & telephonic support & firmware licences. From year 2 annual support and firmware upgrades are payable.

All solutions can be expanded to larger EdUCation Stations and/or upgraded to full onsite permanent Wi-Fi installation and deployment.

Standard equipment, services and functionalities

The above EdUCation Station solutions include the following standard equipment, services and functionalities:

  • Ruckus Zone director & dual band access points
  • 1GB/s network switch/s
  • Surge arrestors, limited network cable sets and POE injectors where applicable
  • Set up, installation & configuration
  • 12 months firmware licence, updates and advanced hardware replacement with lifetime warranty on access points and immediate swop out of faulty zone director
  • 12 months comprehensive remote monitoring, support & maintenance including automated alarm notifications for quick response to problems
  • Strict and stringent controls of access security using Ruckus patented per-user security mechanism which controls each device associated with the Wi-Fi, which is simple and easy to manage, without creating IT overhead for staff that most likely does not have the skill
  • Free delivery within 50km radius from UC-Wireless offices
  • Upgrade options to larger EdUCation Station or permanent full site installation

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