Raising a Ruckus in Class?

Education environments require many simultaneous high performance connections to the wireless LAN. This is called high-density Wi-Fi and Ruckus (ZoneFlex) is perfectly suited to these applications. One of its many patented features which actually follows each wireless device to maximise its signal strength (which translates to speed) is Ruckus BeamFlex for these and many other key patented benefits of Ruckus. Ruckus should be your chosen Wi-Fi platform for Education. For this reason UC Wireless has been chosen by many Educational Institutions to deliver their Wi-Fi.

Schools, colleges and universities are all challenged to move up to higher-speed, more reliable Wi-Fi. They want strong security, killer coverage, and connections that don't drop. They also need Wi-Fi to go to places where no Ethernet cabling has gone before, such as common areas, temporary classrooms, on-campus housing, and every corner of the school grounds and campus. But for most educational institutions, tighter budgets and busy IT staff make the transition impossible.

Fortunately, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi provides the technology that gives education institutions a cost-effective wireless infrastructure that's in a class by itself. Ruckus BeamFlex technology uses a high gain adaptive antenna array that monitors the environment and automatically finds the best signal path to each client. It provides robust, complete coverage and summa-cum-laude performance—at an affordable price.

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